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  • 1 Terms and conditions of posting Review on the Website
  1. The posting of an Review on the Goods offered on the Website (hereinafter referred to as an ” Review ” or ” Reviews “) shall be open to the Customer who has made a purchase on the Website.
  2. Posting an Review is possible after reading and accepting these Terms and Conditions for Reviews.
  3. Reviews are posted by the Customer under a pseudonym (nickname) of his/her choice. The nickname may not infringe on the rights of third parties (including copyrights, derivative rights or personal rights) or public morals. If the Website Administrator deems that the nickname chosen by the Client is inconsistent with these Terms of Review, the Administrator has the right to remove it.
  4. Posting of Reviews is done in a descriptive form.
  5. By posting Reviews on the Service, the Customer warrants and represents that the Reviews:
  6. a) are the result of his/her own intellectual work and he/she is the sole author of them, who has all rights to them (including copyright and subsidiary rights);
  7. b) are true, lawful, do not violate the rights of third parties, or good customs or rules of social intercourse;
  8. c) do not violate the provisions of these Terms and Conditions of Review.
  9. The Customer agrees and confirms that he/she will not post Reviews:
  10. a) knowingly false, inaccurate or misleading;
  11. b) infringing on the rights of third parties, including copyrights or industrial property rights, trade secrets, business secrets, publication rights or privacy rights;
  12. c) containing contact information, including, in particular, names, telephone numbers, address details or other contact information (e.g. e-mail addresses);
  13. d) violating any law, decency or rules of social intercourse;
  14. e) of a discriminatory, defamatory, denigrating, unlawfully intimidating or harassing nature to any person (entity);
  15. f) not relating in whole or in part to the Goods reviewed;
  16. g) for which the Customer has received remuneration or other benefits;
  17. h) containing computer viruses or other potentially harmful programs or files;
  18. i) contain references or links to other products, third parties or portals.
  19. If the Customer wishes to delete an Review posted by him/her on the Website, he/she may contact the Website Administrator for this purpose using the contact information indicated here.
  • 2 Copyright
  1. From the moment an Review is posted on the Website, the Customer grants MARTA ZAWADZKA MARTAGALLERY.COM a non-exclusive, royalty-free, territorially and temporally unlimited license to use the Review in the following fields of exploitation:
  2. a) dissemination of the Review by making it available to the public in such a way that anyone can access it from a place and at a time individually chosen by them, including the Internet, mobile networks and other networks of this kind or operating similarly;
  3. b) fixation and reproduction by any technique, as well as fixation in part or in whole and reproduction by artistic, photographic, audiovisual fixation and reproduction, in the form of digital, magnetic recording, independent of standard, system or format, introduction into computer memory;
  4. c) use in whole or in part (including for the purpose of promotion and advertising conducted by MARTA ZAWADZKA MARTAGALLERY.COM), copying, changing, deleting in whole or in part, making adaptations, translating, creating derivative works and implementing them by means of any technology.
  5. The customer agrees to dispose of and use the development of the Review (dependent right) and grants the right to authorize the exercise of dependent copyright.
  6. In the event that any claims are made by third parties against MARTA ZAWADZKA MARTAGALLERY.COM in connection with the publication of the Review, the Customer undertakes to take all possible factual and legal actions to protect MARTA ZAWADZKA MARTAGALLERY.COM from such claims. In addition, the Customer shall be obligated to compensate MARTA ZAWADZKA MARTAGALLERY.COM for any damages incurred by MARTA ZAWADZKA MARTAGALLERY.COM related to the publication of the Review by the respective Customer.
  1. MARTA ZAWADZKA MARTAGALLERY.COM does not ensure that the Reviews published on the Site come from consumers who have used or purchased the Merchandise.
  2. MARTA ZAWADZKA MARTAGALLERY.COM does not edit Reviews posted by Customers, but reserves the right to remove or refuse to publish an Review at any time in case of any inconsistency with these Regulations.
  3. MARTA ZAWADZKA MARTAGALLERY.COM shall carefully receive and review any information received regarding the unlawful nature of an Review. In case of receiving an official notice or obtaining reliable information on the unlawful nature of the Review, the Website Administrator shall immediately deny access to such Review.
  • 4 Final provisions
  1. MARTA ZAWADZKA MARTAGALLERY.COM shall not be held liable for Reviews posted by Customers on the Website to the fullest extent permitted by applicable law.
  2. In matters not covered by these Terms of Review, the provisions of the Terms of Service shall apply. The Terms of Service are available here. In the event of any discrepancy between these Terms of Review and the Terms of Service, the provisions of the Terms of Review shall prevail.
  3. For information regarding data processing, including information regarding the processing of personal data in cookies and other similar Internet technologies, please refer to the Privacy Policy, available here.
  4. In order to use the Service to its full extent (including the posting of Reviews), certain technical requirements must be met on the Customer’s side. The technical requirements, as well as information about security and specific risks associated with the use of the Service, as well as about the function and purpose of the software introduced by MARTA ZAWADZKA MARTAGALLERY.COM into the customer’s computer system, available here.
  5. MARTA ZAWADZKA MARTAGALLERY.COM may change the content of these Review Terms and Conditions only for a valid reason. Valid reasons are considered to be. are:
  6. a) the need to adapt the Terms and Conditions of Review to generally applicable laws and rulings, decisions, stipulations, guidelines, interpretations, recommendations or orders of public authorities;
  7. b) change of the company, legal form, identification numbers, address or contact data;
  8. c) a change in the scope and type of services provided, including, in particular, the introduction of new services provided electronically or changes to existing functionalities of the Service and the withdrawal of certain functionalities (including those relating to the posting of Reviews);
  9. d) improvement or replacement of the customer service process;
  10. e) a change in the technical conditions for the provision of Electronic Services;
  11. f) the need to introduce additional or change existing security measures, as well as to prevent abuse of the law;
  12. g) change of business processes and business concept;
  13. h) the need to change hyperlinks or links included in the Terms and Conditions of Review, as well as purely editorial changes aimed at facilitating the clarity of the text, removing ambiguities as well as mistakes and clerical errors that would possibly appear in the Terms and Conditions of Review.
  14. The amended Terms and Conditions of Review shall be made available on the Website under “Terms and Conditions of Review” in a manner that allows for downloading, saving and printing. MARTA ZAWADZKA MARTAGALLERY.COM shall notify customers of the amended Terms and Conditions of Review by posting an appropriate notice on the Website.

5.The Terms and Conditions of the Review, as amended, shall enter into force on the 15th day after the date of notification of the amendment to the Terms and Conditions of the Review in the manner specified in paragraph 4 above, unless the Terms and Conditions of the Review, as amended, provide for a later entry into force of the amendment.

updated 24.05.2023