The collaboration between Slash and Marta Zawadzka in support of One Tree Planted

To support One Tree Planted, Slash and Marta Zawadzka have partnered up to bring you X-RAYTED.ZONE: 6 unique and limited NFT's

100% of profits benefits the One Tree Planted project in Indonesia.

Project link: X-RAYTED.ZONE

This NFT project is brought to you by 2 artistic worlds colliding: SLASH X Marta Zawadzka. The unique collaboration between the guitar icon and the painter created these cheeky and provocative skulls to benefit a charity they both hold dear: The driving force behind this project was the epic and immortal guitar solos of rock ‘n’ roll’s greatest. During a journey from Jim Hendrix’s psychedelic riffs to Slash’s wild and undeniable melodic sounds, the pictures were created without any preliminary sketches, all based on the pure energy of rock’s freedom and darkness with bright colors. Of course, the collection includes references to Slash’s iconic top hat and large curls as well as the immortal, spooky but also very sexy skulls. Marta Zawadzka’s dynamic painting style and wild colors brought the two worlds of art and rock ‘n’ roll together in a colourful collision of dripping bones.


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