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2023 14th September, Warsaw - Interview at  Startup Festival

Gratitude overflowing for the warm invitation @mycompanypolska and #Incredibles #SebastianKulczyk!. An incredible event, seamlessly blending professionalism with delightful humor. Heartfelt congratulations to the triumphant victors and all the remarkable nominees.

#MyCompanypolska #mycompany #Incredibles #SebastianKulczyk


2023 - Itally - -Classic Rock the biggest Italian rock magazine

Great news 🌳🌳🌳🌳🌳 I am excited to share that -Classic Rock the biggest Italian rock magazine has published an article about our @XRAYTED_ZONE 🌳🌳🌳 The collaboration between @slash and @marta_zawadzka_art in support of @onetreeplanted.
@XRAYTED_ZONE draws attention to the critical need for planting trees, we believe that small actions can make a big difference.
Thank you very much Luca Fassina   wonderful energy.

2023- May,  Eschweiler Germany

- Group Exhibition "Tanzende Wesen" /"Dancing Creatures"

Special Guest at the opening: Marta Zawadzka interviewed by John Franzen

Artists in the Gallery:
Marta Zawadzka, Bettina Mauel, Wim Steins, Dagmar Vogt, Zipora Rafaelov & Frans Muhren

Artists in the Sculpturegarden:
Wim Steins, Dagmar Vogt, Frans Muhren, Hans Scheib, Christoph Jakob, Judith Mann,

Gallery ART ENGERT, Wilhelmstrasse 73g, D-52249 Eschweiler, Tel 02403 504777

2023- The collaboration between Slash and Marta Zawadzka in support of One Tree Planted.

6 unique PAINTINGS and 6 limited NFT's  - Project link: X-RAYTED.ZONE

Profits benefits the One Tree Planted project in Indonesia

- Purchase your own X-rayted Painting #4 #3 #2 or grab your  own NFTs

- Make a direct  donation by using the following link:

This NFT project is brought to you by 2 artistic worlds colliding: SLASH X Marta Zawadzka. The unique collaboration between the guitar icon and the painter created these cheeky and provocative skulls to benefit a charity they both hold dear: The driving force behind this project was the epic and immortal guitar solos of rock ‘n’ roll’s greatest. During a journey from Jim Hendrix’s psychedelic riffs to Slash’s wild and undeniable melodic sounds, the pictures were created without any preliminary sketches, all based on the pure energy of rock’s freedom and darkness with bright colors. Of course, the collection includes references to Slash’s iconic top hat and large curls as well as the immortal, spooky but also very sexy skulls. Marta Zawadzka’s dynamic painting style and wild colors brought the two worlds of art and rock ‘n’ roll together in a colourful collision of dripping bones.

X-RAYTED NFTs are not investment vehicles and are not intended to be used as such. This project is an artistic endeavor to increase people’s understanding of ecology, particularly highlighting the urgent need to care for our beloved planet and to support One Tree Planted – 501(C)3 NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATION.

2022, 24th November - Warsaw - BASF Poland 30 years - Solo Exhibition

" An exhibition to mark 30 years of BASF Poland, exceptional paintings have also been commissioned by the company. Marta Zawadzka, an artist inspired by BASF's innovations, has prepared 8 exceptional works in neon, energising colours. Six of them refer to the company's products, one painting was prepared in the theme of the 30th anniversary, and the last one refers to BASF Poland's social campaign: 'Chemistry is a woman'. The paintings were auctioned off at a charity auction on 24 November, the proceeds of which donated to charitable foundations."

BASF Poland


2022 June- I had a pleasure to to host Slash in my Art-studio

Thanks for visiting my artstudio and bringing some awesome rock-energy. 😎😎🎸🎸🎸🎸
@Slash and @bigkemdizel you are always very welcome in my atelier

2021- May  Monaco, F1 Grand Prix - solo exhibition

One again in Monaco with  Amber Lounge and  my solo Exhibition

My new collectors are: great personalities, drivers of the fastest cars: Stoffel Vandoorne Nick Cassidy

2020 March - My painting "Lena" has become a part of the Satandard Chartered Bank's  wonderful global art collection collection, which includes over 750 portraits. The work is displayed  in a London office.
Bank collects paintings from all over the world with great passion and understanding of art.

Standard Chartered repost: Polish artist Marta Zawadzka uses bold colour to explore the dynamics of modern life. Her work ‘Lena’ uses fluorescent paint and long-lasting dyes to captures a moment of tranquillity in a life that is constantly in motion. This work is the most recent addition to our art collection which focuses on portraiture and the connections that embody Standard Chartered.