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Space Series

Cooperation with Printech Circuit Laboratories

The series is shown during: the Reinventing Space

Limited edition prints and hand-Painted print are  available, details below:

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Each piece of this limited edition set is different from the other in this series, all was individually painted by the artist.
Print on high quality Somerset Printmaking Paper 300gsm. Hand signed in pencil by Marta Zawadzka and numbered of an edition limited to 24 copies.

1. total size 61x44.5cm - picture size 53x38cm -  500 GBP

2. total size 81x61cm - picture size 71x51cm- 650 GBP

3. total size 61x61cm picture size 51x51 cm -  550 GBP

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The colors may look a little bit different depending on your screen settings.
Please feel free to contact if you would like to get more information.

Enjoy :)