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Thank you for your interest in my work and all your kind words. I am grateful that you share your opinion with me :), Marta

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Since 2015 we have two Free Birds, together in our open kitchen, with a wide view for them trough the open window. So they can fly away and sing their songs. We enjoy them every day from dawn till sunset, with love from Houten NL

Comment by To & René |

We have already purchased 4 works from Marta and continue to be delighted. Beautiful art and very professional artist.

Comment by Christoph Anacker |

I commissioned a painting recently and was absolutely delighted with the art when we received it. The entire process was both professional and informative and we were able to review and comment on the work throughout the process which was both reassuring and also fun.

From initial discussions to the final delivery of our fantastic painting Marta was fabulous and we will cherish our painting which has pride of place in our dining room

Comment by Allan MacMillan |

I commissioned two paintings from Marta. The second because I was so impressed with the first. Marta is very easy to work with and very professional.
Both of my paintings I will cherish forever and hang in my living room.
I requested not to see any pics of the paintings as wanted to see them for the first time when I unwrapped them. This was a wise choice as I got to go WOW.
The paintings were packaged very well so arrived safely.

Comment by Gabriel perry |

My painting from Marta dominates my living room so I am looking at it almost every hour of the day as are my visitors. I love it and will never tire of looking and exploring it.
I don't think I have had one adverse comment other than "if that painting goes missing- I have it".
The questions I had of Marta started agreat friendship and we continue to talk to each other.
Please consider her art when looking at a purchase you will never regret it.
If I had more wall space I would certainly buy another piece from her.

Comment by Stephen Moore |

Marta is a once in a generation artist who has the rare ability to capture the emotion of her subjects and translate them into a variety of mediums from sketches to full-size portrait expressionist pieces of historically relevant figures. I was lucky enough to be able to purchase 'Hope'--my favorite of all her works--which has a certain unmistakeable energy that everyone who visits my home has commented on and appreciated.

Comment by Jon Lutsi |

Sensational artist! My wife and I are HUGE fans of Marta's work. I was turned onto her work by Slash who posted a painting she did of Lemmy on his Instagram page. It knocked me out. I went back through Marta's gallery and found a simply stunning piece which was a Nelson Mandela headshot - my wife's hero. This formed part of her 50th birthday present and is now showcased on our stairwell for all visitors to our house to see. My wife is SO happy with it and everyone who sees it is knocked out. Thank you Marta - Nelson is perfect! We will definitely be looking to add to our collection!

Comment by Stuart Hyslop |

I love my paintings, one of which Marta created bespoke on short notice. I received them on time and they look great on the wall!

Comment by natashia variava |

Marta's artwork forms the centerpiece of our living room and it's simply stunning. Art online can often be disappointing when you see it in the flesh. Marta's is the opposite - it's even better "in real life" because you discover even more detail and you can truly appreciate the vibrant colours.

Comment by Chris |

LOVE LOVE LOVE Marta's art. She has a unique and original talent like no other. I fell in love instantly when I saw a Marylin Monroe painting that I just had to have. I have also ordered more after that for myself and family. Furthermore, I have shown Marta's undeniable talent to Slash from Guns and Roses, who currently proudly displays and owns 2 of Marta's originals. I absolutely adore all of Marta's paintings. A beautiful gift to look at everyday and smile. Thank you Marta!!

Comment by Katarina Witt |